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Learn How to Use Your Flammable Cabinet Correctly

When your workplace carries flammable Class 3 goods, a Flammable cabinet is a must have, after all it’s the main safety equipment to keep your dangerous goods away from other hazards and workers.  But if you intend to prioritise the safe storage of flammable liquids, just having a cabinet isn’t enough. You also need to be aware of the correct usage of the cabinet and some rules that must be followed. 

Here Are Some Usage Tips:

1. The Cabinet Must Be In A Safe Place

Look for a safe space for your cabinet. Ideally somewhere visitors can’t access, somewhere far from foot traffic such as hallways and aisles and somewhere it can’t be reached by ignition sources either. By doing this, you’re mitigating many risks ahead of time and keeping your flammable substances away from people who shouldn’t have access to it. 

2. The Cabinet Must Be Correctly Labelled

People passing by should know your flammable cabinet holds dangerous items at a glance, and the way to do this is with clear and visible labels. 

3. The Cabinet Must Not Be Overfilled

In general, the rule is that the flammable cabinet should not store any more than 850L of flammable substances per 250m2 of floor space, and this is what makes sure that liquid has somewhere to go in the event of a fire or explosion. 

4. The Cabinet Should Be Away from Hazards

The last thing you want (trust us on this) is to put your flammable cabinet next to ignition sources such as open flames, incendiary objects, sparks and more. If you do this, a worker can remove an item from the cabinet and expose it to some fire and cause an explosion immediately. 

5. The Cabinet Should Have Compatible Substances

In a flammable cabinet, you must not mix incompatible substances. If you don’t keep this in mind, you might accidentally put two liquids in the cabinet that react to each other and cause a fire or explosion, which then ignites everything else in the cabinet, and now its life and business threatening. 

6. The Cabinet Needs the Right Signage

Last, but definitely not least, you need to sign the cabinet with the type of dangerous goods within. This is what stops people from putting the wrong thing in the wrong cabinet and visitors will immediately understand the level of risk associated with each cabinet. 

Where Do You Get Flammable Cabinets From?

If you want a compliant flammable cabinet, your one stop shop is Spill Station Australia. For years they’ve been working alongside Aussie businesses to help them remain safe and compliant in terms of their workplace safety. 

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