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Manapaisa: Learn How to Earn Money by Online Platform

Today in this article we are going to talk about a platform which can help you to earn side money and the platform name is Manapaisa. Today we will discuss about this platform in detail by covering its several topics such as its basic information, how you can download it and etc., so for knowing its details you can continue reading this article below:

Know about Manapaisa 

Manapaisa is an online platform which you can use to earn passive income. This platform promises its users that if they invest their five to ten minutes on their platform then they can earn some money. For that users must have a stable internet connection and a device to use this platform. Users can register on this platform to become a member of it, then they will be able to manage their expenses with the help of this platform. But people often talk negatively about this platform, some believe it is a scam as they question how it is possible to earn money just by investing 10 minutes maximum and some are in favor of this platform.

Process of Downloading Manapaisa application

If you are interested in this Manapaisa platform then you can download its mobile application for a smooth experience, so for you we will write all steps by which you can download the application. 

Step1 Open Play/App Store: For downloading its mobile application you have to firstly open Google Play Store or app store on your smartphone.

Step2 Search the application: After opening the play store or app store you have to search for the application by writing Manapaisa in the search bar.

Step 3 Select Verified Application: Now you have to locate the verified application from the result. 

Step 4: Press Download: After finding the application you have to click on it to open then you have to press on download option.

Step 5: Login Your Account: After downloading the application you will be able to login your account on your device.

Essential Documents for Activating Account

In this section of our article we will write all the essential documents which you need to provide for activating your Manapaisa account, you can read the documents name below: 

  • ID Card
  • Address Proof
  • Passport

There are more important documents which you have to provide which are asked by this platform, after submitting the documents this platform will verify the document and after verification your account will get activated.

Manapaisa Login Steps

After downloading the application it is necessary to login so below we will write all the steps which you can follow to login into your account on browser:

Step 1: Open Web browser: For logging on the platform you have to firstly open your favorite web browser.

Step 2: Search the platform using search bar: In the second step you have to find its official website manapaisa. com, which you can do by writing its name in the search bar.

Step 3: Open website: On the search engine result page you will find its official website on which you have to click to open it.

Step 4: Create Your Account: If you don’t have an account on this platform then you have to first create your password by clicking on creating account option and later you have to provide all required details.

Step 5 Login into portal: After completing the creating account option you will be able to login, you just have to press on login button and enter your details such as username and password, then you have to press on login option.

Process of Resetting Manapaisa Login Password

People have many accounts on different platforms and sometimes it becomes very difficult for a person to remember the password for every account. So, incase you have  forget yours then you can follow below written steps to reset your account password:

Step1: Open portal or application: For resetting the password of your account on this platform, you have to open its application or portal on your device.

Step2: Locate forgot password option: Now on portal or application you have to locate forget password option.

Step 3: Click/Press on the Option: Now you have to click or press on the forgot password option.

Step 4: Provide phone number and Email ID: Now you have to provide your email ID or phone number to receive OTP for verification.

Step 5: Create New Password: Now you will be able to reset your password, you have to create your new password in the next step.

Step 6: Login Again: After creating your password you will be able to login on to the portal or in its application.

Manapaisa fake or real?

It is really doubtful that a person can earn money just by investing a few minutes, even though this platform has gotten negative reviews on social media platforms. This platform also has not shown any proof of its legality which can bring trust for their platform. You have to be aware about registering on such a platform and ask for your important documents, your details can be misused and you can be caught in some traps. 


If you have doubts on Manapaisa platform then there are some trustworthy alternatives which you can use to earn passive income.


You have to do some task on this platform and for completing each task you will get 500 rupees.


On this platform you can sell things to earn unlimited money.


On freelancing sites you can find people who have some part time work or project you can complete their project to earn passive income. 


In this article we have talked about a platform by which you earn passive income and that was Manapaisa. We covered documents which are necessary to activate accounts, login process, alternative platforms and more. As this account asks for personal details for providing money and doesn’t have any legal proof then it can be very dangerous to use. You have to use this platform at your own risk.

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