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MBA Chai Wala: Net Worth, Franchise Cost, Franchise, Turnover

Who doesn’t love tea?

If yes then you must have heard about MBA chai wala. It is a popular chai cafe owned by Prafull Billore. So today, let us try to find out the success story of this chai franchise having several chai cafes.

Who is MBA Chai Wala?

It is a chain of tea cafes selling tea and other snacks or refreshments to the clients. This chain is widely recognized as one of the successful businesses of the modern times. It was started in 2017 at Ahmedabad with a franchise cafe. 

It was then expanded to the other parts of the country and currently has more than 100 tea cafes with several crores of the business revenue.

Know About Prafull Billore?

After having a brief about MBA chai wala, the next thing that comes to your mind is who is behind the success of this franchise cafe chain?

Prafull Billore is the person whose determination and hard work has led this franchise chain to its today’s business. He is a perfect example for the younger generations to keep going, handle setbacks, and gain success with sheer perseverance.

Currently, Prafull is a successful motivational speaker and businessman. He started his business with a small tea stall on the road for about two years in Ahmedabad. He became famous as he started selling “free tea for singles” on Valentine’s Day, which came out to be a turning point for him.

He has spoken at more than 200 events currently including women empowerment programs, entrepreneurship events, and more. He manages the social media account of his franchise and his independent website.

Failing CAT exam

Many of us, when thinking about MBA chai wala, consider that Prafull has completed his Masters’ in Business Administration. However, the MBA chai wala full form is “Mr. Billore Ahmedabad” only.

Prafull had a good intention to pursue a masters degree from the reputed IIM Ahmedabad. It was long before he started this tea cafe. So, he started preparing hard for the Common Admission Test or CAT to get an entry into IIM Ahmedabad. He studied for around 10 hours daily but in the end failed in his efforts.

He failed CAT three times out of the three available attempts. While his parents have supported him throughout this, Prafull started to feel depressed and was unable to concentrate. 

So, he started travelling around Ahmedabad for his peace of mind and soon after he settled with a job at the reputed food chain- Mc Donald’s.

Job at McDonald’s

So, are you excited to learn more about the story of this popular tea chain?

Prafull Billore started his career as a housekeeper at the McDonald’s and was then promoted to the kitchen crew slowly. Hence, soon he started taking and serving orders to the clients.

It was at his job stint at McDonald’s which made him think about what can make him prosperous in the long run. So, he came up with the idea of opening a tea stall in 2017.

Roaring success of MBA chai wala

It was in 2017 that Prafull came up with an idea to open a tea cart on the SG Highway in Ahmedabad. The selection of a tea cart was highly economical due to reduced financial investment and practical reasons. It will make several people come to his cart and drink tea, which is the favourite drink of India. 

Prafull Billore started the MBA chai wala franchise with only 8,000 INR. He used to work at McDonald’s in the morning while serving tea at his tea stall in the evening. This made his parents furious but Prafull was set to achieve the taste of success.

So what made this franchise tea cart stand out of the others?

Firstly, Prafull was an English speaking man selling tea on a tea cart. He served tea in earthen pots with tissues and toasts to attract the customers. Hence, it started gaining him recognition for people who came to have his tea in their vehicles.

Hence, soon customers were attracted to Prafull’s cart due to his distinctive methods of serving tea and other refreshments.

Like any other business, the success of Prafull was envied by a majority of other tea vending stalls. They came together and expelled him from the location. 

This didn’t discourage him; rather he made a contract with a proprietor of a neighbouring hospital and hired the location initially. He restarted his tea stall business with 10,000 INR. 

After this, he never looked back and is currently having more than 200 franchise model cafes in the country. MBA chai wala turn over is around 30 crore INR currently.

Parting words

So, the business story of Prafull Billore is nothing short of a roller coaster ride which was accomplished with strong will power, hard work, and determination.

Currently despite competition from several other similar product selling franchises, this franchise is highly successful, popular, and in-demand especially among the youth.

So, next time when you visit this tea cafe, don’t forget the success story of this 30 crore INR business.

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