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Modular Email Templates: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Email Marketing

Let’s face it: we marketers as a tribe love well-designed, efficient, and neat emails because they have been a proven measure time and again to draw in those ROIs. However, the time involved in conceptualizing and materializing a traditional email design is a major make or mar factor. 

Check out the following stats;

  • Crafting a single email can take up to an average of 27 hours of input in enterprise and mid-market companies.
  • To quote the findings of Litmus’ State of Email Workflow, maximum email production teams end up spending close to a fortnight or more in producing an email. 

All these findings point in one direction: a major chunk of time goes into producing emails in the traditional HTML way, which means the costs increase substantially to the tune of close to USD 1600+ for a basic email.

Phew! A lot to digest? Wondering about an easier way out? Well, there is one super amazing way to craft multiple emails in a plethora of campaigns at a fraction of the cost and time. Yes, we are indeed referring to the magic of investing in modular email templates, which are truly the answer to all your email marketing woes. 

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of how you can achieve efficient email marketing with the help of bespoke crafted modules and templates, let’s get our basics done and sorted.

Understanding Modular Email Templates

According to the findings of a survey by Litmus, 53% of email marketers spend more time on email production than they did a year ago. This means that there are a lot more campaigns and mailers on the plate to dish out than ever before, and did we mention those tight deadlines?! 

In such scenarios, making those last-minute edits can seem like a major roadblock, especially if you are not that comfortable with tweaking the HTML code. Not to mention those messy emails that dilute brand consistency and lead to lower-than-expected ROIs. 

This is where the concept of deploying modular email templates helps you up your game and save those precious holiday campaigns. Imagine a bucketful of Lego blocks and a bountiful imagination. You can literally build anything you envision with those plastic bricks. 

Take the analogy a step further and welcome snippets and partials of email components that can be put together in different strata to unveil whole new email templates without messing with the code. So, no more last-minute edit requests to designers and disgruntled clients! 

Check out some modular email templates that are quite similar to modular web design examples.

Benefits of Deploying Modular Email Templates

1.Enhanced flexibility

Email marketers can now play to their heart’s content with the flexibility offered by modular components that can be patched together to suit the bespoke requirements of each campaign. Don’t know coding, no issues! Put together the requisite components, stitch them together in the requisite layout according to your campaign’s theme and needs and you are all set to send those beauties out! 

2.Introduce simplicity in the design process

Not a techie, fret no more! We are privy to the anxiety that props up with each new campaign that lands up in your excel sheet. With multi-functional modular templates in your design arsenal, the process of putting together multiple campaigns just got a whole lot easier and faster. 

3.Maintain brand consistency

When you alter traditional single-code HTML templates, you might end up with tweaked emails in a campaign that is a diluted version of your brand tone and voice. This is completely avoidable when you choose to go with integrating modular components into your template that not only matches your brand tonality but also screams efficiency and class!

4.Reduced costs

As might be evident, when you switch to reusing and adapting modular components in different campaigns, you end up spending a lot less and realize better ROIs. When you choose to invest in modular templates, you end up saving a lot of your hard-earned dough as these can be re-used in different campaigns.  Costs incurred dive deeper when your stack of modular templates increases. 

5.More efficient email marketing automation

In an age where time is money, using modular email templates sets the stage for faster email automation. You can set up triggers, string along emails created using modular templates, and you are good to go! Be it anniversaries, birthdays, or those summer sales, those beautiful emails will make their way to the subscribers’ inboxes! 


In conclusion, it is safe to say that modular email templates are the way to future-proof your email marketing campaigns and ensure high efficiency, productivity, and ROIs. If you’d like email ninjas at Email Uplers to get down to delivering custom MailChimp templates and responsive and reusable modular email templates, then we are here to help. Hit us up now! 


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