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Most Popular Cakes Loved By Girls That Fits On Almost Every Occasion

If you want to surprise your girlfriend either on her birthday or this Valentine’s Day, then you must go with lip-smacking cakes, which are very popular among girls. So here you will find some of the very popular, delicious, and amazing cake options that are perfectly curated based on the girl’s choice, considering the cake’s taste and textures.

So now, if you read this article, all your doubts regarding cakes loved by girls will be cleared, and it will be easy for you to select a cake that will be best for your partner. As listed below are various types of cakes; some are plain and layered, made of butter, others of any special characters on the cake, and many more. 

1] Ballerina Cake

Ballerina cake is a chocolate cake covered with white buttercream on top and pink fondant ruffles at the bottom. This cake is fully made of chocolate, and that is why it is popular among all chocolate lovers, especially for girls. It also has some combination of two colors, such as white and pink, as pink is the favorite color of girls. 

There are various types of such cakes sold in the market, depending on appearances and tastes, so you can choose them according to their popularity and flavor, and they may also be affordable. To add this cake to a birthday party or for Valentine’s Day, you just need to visit any online store and opt for cake delivery in Mumbai, Nasik, or your party venue and get it delivered.

2] Ice Cream Cake.

Several layers of ice cream and often some other ingredients are used to make this cake, including fudge, whipped cream, and candy. Sweet, creamy frozen food made from various flavored cream and milk products is churned or stirred during its freezing process to make it a smooth consistency. Thus, this is also called a frozen dessert, so you can use this cake at any special party, like birthdays or anniversaries. 

3] Tropical Hawaiian Luau Cake

Tropical Hawaiian Cake is made up of ingredients like pineapple, coconut pudding, dry fruits, and some other fresh fruits. Thus, no doubt, it may be healthy and delicious in taste; dry fruits are added to make it crunchy, too. Since this cake is made of different fruits, so kids love eating it very much, and this can be a great option for a girl’s birthday as this contains fresh and healthy fruits. 

4] Shopkins Cake

A white slice of cake with pink and green dollops of frosting at the bottom makes its appearance like a cupcake. This cake is made in various ways; sometimes, the entire cake looks like a character, some are like layered ones, and others are like some characters on the top. The demand for this cake is just because of its cute smiley character-type appearance, yellowish in color, small in size, and unique design.

5] Belle ~ Beauty And The Beast Cake.

This cake is mainly yellow in color and sometimes made layer-wise, with red roses all around. There’s some character made of creams on the top of this cake to make it more attractive. The main ingredients used to make this cake are edible pearls, cream frosting, and some edible roses. This is also dipped in chocolate just to give it a delicious taste, so you can also choose this cake for girls’ birthdays or any other occasion.

6] Princess Cake

The original name of this cake is green cake, but it’s called princess cake because it is especially loved by princesses. This is a light, nutty taste accented with lots of citrus and rich vanilla. This cake is green in color as it has three layers overlapping with vanilla cream and raspberry jam. At last, all three layers are covered by a thin layer of emerald green marzipan, powdered sugar, and marzipan rose. The beautiful princess made on the top of the cake makes it different and also may be girls’ best chocolate. 

7] Barbie cake

These special cakes are very popular and trendy among all girls as they love Barbie dolls; bakers frost a dome-shaped layer to resemble a giant ballgown girl. Then, a Barbie doll made of cream is inserted on the top with a matching blouse to complete her dress as an attractive outfit for an amazing appearance. 

Now, after knowing that Barbie is a girl’s favorite character, a thought may be striking in your mind that this cake may be the perfect choice for your girlfriend. So, if you want to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday or this Valentine’s Day, then you can order a Barbie cake online, as sometimes they also give offers and discounts. 

8] Fairy Cake

Fairy cakes are made with a sponge cake used in cupcakes, and this is also called butterfly cake because its top is cut off and replaced in two pieces, like wings. These are called butterfly cakes as their size is small enough for a fairy to eat, and a unique design that had wings on top of the cupcakes similar to a butterfly.

This cake is half in size, with less decoration, as only the sponge and no frosting is present on it. So you can order a fairy cake for your girlfriend’s birthday party, and if you want to make this at home to give her a surprise, then this is also a great plan. So move forward to bake a delicious fairy cake as this is very easy to make; you just need to keep the sponge nice and light and then simply decorate it as this may win the heart of your girlfriend if you present it as a birthday cake.


So, are you worried about which cake to cut on your girlfriend’s birthday or other occasion to make her excited and happy? Then, you have all the information required for a cake loved by the girls, with the ingredients used in each one. So now stop searching anywhere else and just stick to this, as we have covered the names of the cakes and materials used to bake them; accordingly, you can easily decide and order any of the cakes of your choice that may fill your girlfriend’s life with the sweetness of chocolate and creams.


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