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Complete Guide on MyFlexBot App Download & Login, Review in 2023

If you are an Amazon Flex driver and in any case you are looking for ways with which you can ease your work. And only this but can also earn more money then you are at the right place. Today we have brought to you the solution named MyFlexBot. To Know more about this keep reading.

What is MyFlexBot App?

Flex bots are a collection of automated software, applications, and other tools that Amazon Flex employees may utilize to receive new shifts, fast offers, and a delivery block of their choice. Do you know about MyFlexBot yet?

Drivers may pick from a variety of bots, but they all have the same goal: to assist Flex delivery drivers use Amazon’s Flex software more swiftly and effectively than any person could. Let us know all about MyFlexBot in this article in detail.

Features of MyFlexBot App

MyFlexBot App has a long list of features. Among them few are listed below:

Offers 24/7 Trading: This platform can be used to do trading 24 hours and throughout the 7 days of the week. Through this users can get the work done on time and also whenever they feel like.

Provides Customization: This app allows you to decide your delivery schedule of your choice. This means that users can adjust the time and location of the delivery as per their preference. Not only this you can also customize the speed of the delivery late or fast and most importantly you can also choose which batch of goods you want to receive first. 

Time Saving: This app is a strong time saver, it scans the list of goods which need to be delivered automatically which is considered to be the most crucial and time taking. Through tis chatbot users can also keep track of things and add up their preference which in turn help them make more money.

Diversity: For a Flex driver diversification can be very helpful. Through this they can get multiple deliveries and they can earn more money by delivering so many goods at the right time. 

User-Friendly: This app is not solely for Flex drivers rather it is  designed in a very simple manner. The set up of the application is very accessible, that means it is easy to grasp for any kind of user. 

MyFlexBot Login Process:

In order to Login on MyFlexBot one major thing that a user requires is Email ID and Password. Next follow these steps:

  • Open your “Browser”.
  • On the search bar, type the name of the official site.
  • On the main site’s dashboard you will asked few details.
  • Now  register yourself by inserting the required credentials.
  • Once you  register yourself, Login into your MyFlexBot App.
  • To Login, Enter your registered  email ID and password.
  • Start using MyFlexBot app.

How does MyFlexBot app work?

To understand the functioning of this app, one needs to have an understanding of Amazon flex blocks. Instead of regular shifts, Amazon Flex drivers utilize the Amazon Flex app to claim blocks. 

They can refresh the list of available blocks by tapping an orange button. Swiping and touching the screen allows them to claim a shift. However, owing to competition for limited blocks, the system may not be as seamless as it looks. 

This is where the bot’s utility comes into play. MyFlexBot begins gathering stuff as soon as you log in. Grabs can be paused and resumed at any time. It is great for customers who want to rapidly get products from their Amazon Flex Block without having to manually browse through the items.

Advantages of MyFlexBot:

There are several uncountable advantages of MyFlexBot and to list some of them are mentioned here:

  • The validity of the certificate is confirmed by the SSL verification. A careful MyFlexBot review reveals that it employs SSL encryption to safeguard your data, therefore it is secure.
  • This website seems legit as it has been online for some years now.
  • DNSFilter has confirmed that this website is secure.
  • Flashstart found neither malware nor phishing activity.
  • It is quick. You may rapidly obtain the information you want thanks to MyFlexBot’s efficiency and speed.

Disadvantages of MyFlexBot App:

As everything has its own pros and cons, and thus the same is with MyFlexBot App. Few of the disadvantages are mentioned below:

  • To prevent WHOIS from discovering its identity, the website owner employs a premium service. This raises some red flags.
  • Getting busted carries repercussions
  • In the official Amazon Flex program, you risk losing your job.

How to set up your MyFlexBot?

MyFlexBot download is available for both Android devices and iOS devices. But it is not accessible on the App Store or Google Play. The download and installation process is pretty easy. 

The app works for you and requires minimum work from your side. To download the MyFlexBot app, follow the given steps:

  • Go to the developer’s website. One needs to put your login details before accessing amazon flex.
  • Simply, put the app in your cart and checkout to buy it.
  • Now, install the app on your device of choice.
  • Check that your third-party apps are compatible with your hardware.
  • To link the app to your Amazon Flex account, follow the steps provided by the app developer.
  • Now, you can use the app. It is easy to reach MyFlexBot customer service if any issue comes up.

What is the cost of the MyFlexBot app?

An independent delivery worker can benefit greatly from MyFlexBot. However, nobody has the means to spend money carelessly. So let’s talk about how much is required to use it.

Well, one can test MyFlexBot login for free for the first 15 days. After the 15-day trial is over, prices will vary. This price variation depends on various factors like the region, additional features chosen, and the nature of the automated chores needed. Overall, the average monthly price for all services sums up to be around 50 dollars.

Are risks attached to using MyFlexBot?

According to Flexbot assessments, using these technologies violates Amazon’s service agreement with its contract workers. Although contract drivers who violate Amazon’s standards by utilizing a bot will not face jail time, Amazon has the right to take action against them.

Amazon Flex bots increase a driver’s chances of claiming blocks, by shortening the time it takes to refresh the app, swipe, and accept. 

Drivers may now swipe to access a block, accept it with a swipe, and refresh the list of blocks without pushing the orange button, thanks to a mix of automated hardware and software (bots).

Alternatives of MyFlexBot App:

Though MyFlexBot app works very seamlessly and is made for all, But for users backup we listed few alternatives below:

  • Flexomatic.app
  • Flexbot6.com
  • Flexswag.us
  • Flexbot.cc
  • Flex Assitant.com
  • Amazonflex.co.jp

MyFlexBot App Review?

It is a technology that monitors the Amazon Flex app and assists Amazon Flex drivers in increasing batch production rapidly. Users may customize their preferences, such as closeness to a specific location or job title, and set up notifications for new batches.

MyFlexBot app also provides features such as route optimization and earnings history tracking to assist drivers in doing better at work. Drivers may utilize the advanced search function to restrict their search for certain batch kinds within their delivery region. This helps them to discover the appropriate job without having to wade through irrelevant results.


In the end, we conclude that MyFlexBot allows Amazon Flex drivers to acquire delivery blocks quickly and effectively. While it can be advantageous, users must weigh the risks and costs before opting to use it.

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