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[Noblocc] kicked for being afk

Today in out article we are going to talk about a game platform action on game players, the game is Noblocc, it is an online game and when players are not seen active in game then they get [noblocc] kicked for being afk, afk means away from keyboard, kicking out from the game can impact on players performance so through this article we will discuss about it, the reasons of kicking out and the solution stay in game. So keep reading this article below to know more about it.

Know about [noblocc] kicked for being afk

We will understand what does [noblocc] kicked for being afk means so firstly noblocc is an online game which get played by many players and afk means away from keyboard so this overall line means that if any player does not seem active in the game for certain period of time then the system will kicked them out, as usual if we take example of corporate life then if your senior find you that you are not working well and mostly keep away yourself from office work then your manage will terminate from the office. Same as this game system does, it calculates the time of inactivity of the player and when the certain period time limit is over then the player gets kicked out of the game.

Reason behind [noblocc] kicked for being afk 

In this section of our article we will discuss some of the reasion behind [noblocc] kicked for being afk, although there are many reasons but we will discuss some important reasons in this section, so you can find out the main reasons below:

  • Unstable internet connection: When you are playing Noblocc games and that time your internet connection fluctuates or stops working then you can get kicked out from the game so this case of unstable internet connection can be the major reason.
  • Device Problem: When you are playing a game on your device then sometime your device can cause the problem, like some hardware component of your device may get damaged so in this case you will not be able to continue playing the game and if it happens then you wiil be kicked out from the game.
  • Your Interest: There are many situations in the game when players are not able to play the game, they find the difficulty playing in game and they lose interest in playing the game so they stopped continuing the game. That time the game system analyze the activity of the player and that system kicks that player out of the game.

Process to avoid [noblocc] kicked for being afk

There are some process which you can follow to avoid [noblocc] kicked for being afk, we have written some of the ways below in this section which you can follow:

Check Internet connection: As we read in the article, unstable internet connection can cause problems, so we suggest you check your internet connection before starting the match, if you find some instability in your internet connection then wait for good internet connection speed then start your game.

Check Device/System: Another reason was your device for being kicked out from the game so before starting the game you should check your device performance and make sure that your device or system on which you are going to play this game has no problem, if you find any problem then get resolved it and then play the game.

Be Active in Game: The last reason for getting kicked out of the game was your inactivity so once you start the game then you have to keep playing it, you have to complete the task or levels of game otherwise you will be kicked out.

Culture of Being AFK [noblocc] kicked for being afk

Whether you’re a gamer or not, if you play multiplayer games regularly or rarely in both cases you may have seen that there is always an incident when one of your team members leave the game suddenly and this behaviour may have a cost on your overall performance as well. So yes the absence of any of the team members affects the team performance and their individual records. It now seems like a culture where most of the players join the game and leave in between and they do not care about it. It is about games but if we talk about corporate life then surely those types of people will understand the situation very well when they will get kicked out of the office for being away from the keyboard when they face the consequences in real life. So it is important that players maintain the fairness while playing the game otherwise they will impact their result by doing that along with that other team members’ overall performance will be affected.

Strategies for Mitigating AFK Incidents

In  this section we will talk about the strategies that then help you in case any of member or you leave or want to leave the game:

  • Communication: If you find that one of your team members is exiting the game then you can directly contact them with effective communication with that player again in the game.
  • Take Breaks: If you are tired of playing games then you should take frequent breaks instead of leaving the game.

Is [noblocc] kicked for being afk Real?

Players often feel that [noblocc] kicked for being afk but it is not complete truth, the system of this game does not only check the player’s physical existence in the game it also checks the activity, contribution and engagement of the player. Players should not be in Dilemma that they just got kicked out because of being absent from the game, if they don’t participate while staying in the game then also they will get kicked out of the game. So player participation is a must in the game.


In this article we have talked about [noblocc] kicked for being afk, it happens when players are found inactive in the game, through this article we understand the more reason behind kicking out the game, ways to avoid that situation and some strategies for staying in game.  We also discussed how players made the culture of leaving the game. Hope you are now clear about this topic.

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