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Oke Oka Jeevitham: OTT Release Date & Reviews in 2023

A very moving movie about time travel. Time travel is an intriguing concept, and Oke Oka Jeevitham offers a unique perspective on it. You can watch Oke Oka Jeevitham for two and a half hours without feeling fatigued at all, as it turns out to be an incredible cinematic experience.It is admirable how the movie explores the difficulties and repercussions of changing one’s past. The suspense is expertly maintained throughout the story, and the storytelling is captivating.


Aadi (Sharwanand), Srinu (Vennela Kishore), and Chaitu (Priyadarshi) are three best friends since childhood. Adi (Sharwanand) wants to establish himself as a talented guitarist in the music business. He is hesitant to sing live, though. Adi is not able to succeed despite the encouragement and opportunities provided by his lover Vaishnavi (Ritu Varma). The latter desires for Chaitu (Priyadarshi) to wed a deserving woman. The third, Srinu (Vennela Kishore), grows up to be a real estate broker despite not receiving a good education and not well versed in english. Adi has lost his mother in his childhood.She is young when she passes away in an accident. Ever since, he has been plagued by fear of the unknown. However, these three are struggling with someone’s problem in their lives.

Three friends who are going through this get a visit from scientist Rangi Kutta Paul (Nazar). Through Srinu, Aadi and Chaitanya unintentionally meet Paul. There is a connection between an event in Adi’s life and one in Rangi Kutta Pal’s life. Paul believes that sending Adi back in time will take care of their issues. He promises to use a time machine to send Adi back to 1998. Friends Chaitu and Srinu also wish to go back in time and make amends for their past transgressions. They meet younger selves upon arriving and set about correcting their transgressions. The plot of the movie becomes interesting when the three children’s younger selves use the same time machine as the adults to travel into the future. What will the three friends do now? Will Adi be reunited with his time-travelling mother? or? What peculiar situations do the three friends find themselves in? To know the answers to all these questions you will have to watch the film.


Director Shree Karthick has screened the movie ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham’ with the emotional aspect of mother sentiment rather than action and thriller concepts. Amala Akkineni has played the role of mother in this film. The roles of Priyadarshi and Vennela Kishore, who played the two friends of the hero, were unveiled in a comedy angle. By doing this, there is humour in the scenes between the three friends. The audience will enjoy the film with a smile, even if they don’t laugh out loud. Especially the comedy woven around the character of Vennela Kishore in present and past will make the audience laugh. When three friends encounter three problems, Hero Sharwanand’s character becomes emotional and revisits their younger selves. The scenes that elevate the sentiment of the mother are well written.

The way the hero goes into his past and elevates the characters is good. Sharwanand (Sharwanand) as an actor was convinced in the role. A film that is different from the routine commercial hero role. He acted well in emotional scenes. Amala Akkineni as a mother did justice to her role. Unlike those who do routine mother roles, we feel that there is something new in that role as she does it. Actress Ritu Verma has given an amazing performance in the film. She acted well as the girl who gives courage to the hero and assures him that I am there and will take care of him. Priyadarshi, Vennela Koshore’s attempts to right her childhood mistakes will make the comedy audience laugh. Nassar’s role is serious. He got into the role with his own acting.


The concept of time travel is handled brilliantly. The VFX used, time machine model and production design are good. This story is made more palatable by the special visual effects or computer-generated imagery. The dialogues are emotional and the music by Jakes Bijoy also supports the story well. Editing is a bit slow.

As for director Sri Karthik, his story is different, the conflict point he chooses for a friend is impressive. The young director took a lot of time to set up the story, planning to wrap it all up in the second half in a proper manner.


The movie opened in theatres on September 9, 2022. Critics gave the movie high ratings: 7.8/10 on IMDb, 3.5/5 on The Times of India, and 2.8/5 on Greatandhra.com. It debuted to favourable reviews from reviewers and did well at the box office. The film made an estimated ₹40.15 crore at the box office. 


This feel good emotional drama called ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham’ has good emotions, better script and best feel. Also, Sharwanand – Amala acting, Priyadarshi – Vennela Kishore comedy are the main highlights of this movie. All in all, Only One Life is a good sci-fi drama filled with good humour and sensible emotions. A gripping story and this film has strong content. The content and treatment of the movie is amazing. A really exciting movie that you should see. A time machine ride that is truly magical.

The OTT release date of Oke Oka Jeevitham is on October 20, 2022. The movie Oke Oka Jeevitham went live on OTT SonyLIV.

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