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Complete Guide on Pixwox: Instagram Stories Viewer and Downloader in 2023

Pixwox – The Instagram Story and Posts Downloader:

Are you a social media addict? Do you love spending a lot of time on social media platforms such as Insta, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat? Well if you are a social media addict and you also love sharing and saving your favorite videos, then today we are here to make you aware of one of the best platforms which you can use to save or download your most loved content from Instagram. Now you must be thinking about what this platform is and why we use it, don’t worry here we have got all your questions answered in a very detailed way. 

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is an amazing app for looking at the posts of instagram users and downloading it without any hassle. With just a few taps, you can quickly look at stories of people and download it in your gallery or files. The app is free for the first time user and is quite affordable as well for many people to use.

The app also gives you access to look at people’s stories and also download the same in just a few steps. The users get access to posts and videos of both public as well as private accounts. 

What are Some of the Benefits of Using This App?

  1. You can download the stories or post from instagram even without logging in with your instagram ID.
  2. Your activity at this app is not visible to other people, so there are no privacy concerns.
  3. It gives you a very safe space to download videos on your mobile phones.
  4. The app does not require you to register. 
  5. The SSL certificate is claimed to be valid, as per the Xolphin SSL check.
  6. There have been no signs of malware or phishing on the app.

What are some of the drawbacks of Pixwox?

  1. User Interface – Although it is easy to use and the user interface is intuitive, some users may find it confusing. It takes time for some users to understand the features and functions of the app. 
  1. Internet Connection – One must have a speedy and reliable internet connection to use the app without any buffering. So the people who live in low network areas may have difficulties using the app. 
  2. Free trial period – Pixwox offers a free trial period for all of its new users, but after the trial ends, the software can be quite expensive for some users. 
  3. The app sometimes fails to locate the account from which you want to download posts or videos. 
  4. It is known by many people on social media.
  5. Many spammers and scammers also use it for unethical purposes.

What are some of the amazing features of the app?

  1. Fast and smooth working – With just a few keystrokes, you can easily download instagram stories, posts and story highlights. Also no specific settings are required to use this on your device, thus it is easy to use. 
  1. High HD Quality – The images, posts or videos which you download using Pixwox are all of very HD quality and it does not get blurred or the quality does not deteriorate when you share it among your friends or family.
  1. Bug Free – While using such sites or apps, one thing which we are very concerned about are bugs and our phones getting these, but pixwox has a very dedicated team for this purpose which makes sure that the user has a great experience without encountering any bugs.
  1. No ads on the app – Many apps to earn some extra bugs run a lot of unnecessary ads on their apps, but pixwox gives the users a completely ads free experience. 

What are some of the best alternatives of Pixwox:

  1. Dumpor.com
  2. Mystalk.net
  3. Smihub.com
  4. Storiesdown.com
  5. Gramho.com
  6. Instalkr
  7. 4k Stogram
  8. Ingramer.com
  9. Instastory.net
  10. Telete.in
  11. Splus.ir
  12. T.me
  13. FastSave
  14. Igblade.com
  15. Instore

What Review has Pixwox received from the users?

  1. Rating by the company – Most of such apps are not very authentic and they have legality issues, hence the owner of the app has not disclosed his identity. If the identity of the owner is disclosed, the website or the app gets a high rating.
  1. Online store review – Tranco has given a review to the site for its popularity. This means that many people are using the site.

Is Pixwox legit?

The app allows you to have access to people’s instagram stories and posts, that too without their permission, which means it is illegal. 

How to use this app to download stories and posts?

  1. First note down the name of the instagram user whose story you want to download or view. 
  2. Now open your web browser and get the pixwox site. Any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge can be used to access pixwox. 
  3. In the input field enter the name of the username whose stories or posts you want to access, then click on the search tab.
  4. The app compiles and analyzes the stories before displaying them for you. You can visit the post page when you wish to make your downloads.
  5. Under the story at the bottom you will see a link with the head ‘DOWNLOAD’. Once you tap on the link, your downloads will start within no time.


Pixwox is a free Instagram tool which lets us download instagram posts, videos, reels and stories without any hassle and that too without even creating an account. Many apps these days want access to the photos and media files which are available on your device, but pixwox does not ask you to share any of your personal data. The users can stalk others without leaving any trace behind as the app does not store any of your search histories or doesn’t even notify the people whose account you are accessing. 

So get started with this amazing tool and get unlimited access to people’s instagram stories and posts. Save your favorite posts, videos in your phone and enjoy them later on as well as they are now just a few taps away.

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