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Props and Accessories You CANNOT Forget for Your Wedding

Your upcoming special day is approaching, and we understand the overwhelming nature of the planning process. With numerous considerations, such as selecting the ideal venue and finding your dream dress, it’s crucial to ensure a flawless experience. Additionally, the inclusion of props and accessories will add an extra touch of uniqueness to your wedding day.

To alleviate any concerns about the minute details, we have compiled a list of essential props and accessories that should not be overlooked for your wedding. By collaborating with experts in party decor hire in Melbourne, you can rely on their expertise to assist you in remembering everything, and more importantly, to avoid forgetting anything.

1.  Personalized Wedding Sign

A personalized wedding sign serves as both a warm welcome to your guests and a personal touch on your special day. Whether it’s a wooden sign featuring your names and wedding date or a chalkboard sign displaying a playful message, it is a must-have for any wedding. Furthermore, it presents fantastic photo opportunities.

2.  Bridal Emergency Kit

No matter how meticulously planned, unforeseen mishaps may occur on your big day. This is where the bridal emergency kit becomes invaluable. Equipped with essentials like band-aids and safety pins, this kit will aid in resolving any last-minute emergencies.

3.  Photo Booth Props

Who can resist the allure of a delightful photo booth? Entertain your guests with an assortment of fun and whimsical props. Think oversized glasses, stick-on moustaches, and even silly hats. Your guests will appreciate the added enjoyment.

4.  Wedding Favours

Express your gratitude and affection towards your guests with personalized wedding favours. From delectable treats to mini bottles of champagne, the options for unique and thoughtful gifts are endless. Remember to include a thank-you note or tag to make it even more special.

5.  Table Numbers and Place Cards

Ensure that your guests are comfortably seated with table numbers and place cards. This not only aids in organizing the seating arrangement but also adds an elegant touch to your reception tables. Get creative with various designs and styles that align with your wedding theme.

6.  Guest Book Alternative

Instead of a traditional guest book, consider a distinctive and enjoyable alternative that reflects your unique personality as a couple. From a Polaroid photo booth guest book to a signed puzzle, there are countless creative options to choose from.

7.  Wedding Cake Topper

Do not overlook the significance of a charming and personalized cake topper to adorn your wedding cake. It adds a personal touch and helps your cake stand out. Furthermore, it can be kept as a cherished keepsake after the festivities.

8.  Signature Cocktail Sign

If you plan to feature a signature cocktail at your wedding, ensure that you have a sign prominently displaying it. This not only adds a touch of fun but also directs your guests towards trying this special drink. After all, who can resist a delightful cocktail?

9.  Mr. and Mrs./Bride and Groom Chair Signs

Elevate the appearance of your seats with adorable Mr. and Mrs./Bride and Groom chair signs. It adds a personalized touch to your reception chairs and creates memorable photo opportunities.

Remember, attention to detail ensures a flawless wedding experience!


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