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Pug Skull vs Normal Dog Skull Xray

Do you love pugs? If yes, then we don’t blame you as it is hard for any person to stop showering love on these little bundles of joys. Many people look forward to understanding details about the Pug skull

So today, let us help you in knowing the details of the skull of the Pug. We’ll try to understand features, differences, and other associated details.

Pug skull dogs- Why are they different?

Pugs are compact, proportionate, and well-knit body dogs. They have thick necks, prominent eyes, round, and a large head. 

Pug skull dogs have a wide chest and short body. Their tails are curled tightly and may include double curls.

Skull structure

Pugs have a unique skull structure due to selective breeding. The selection by the breeders gives pugs their distinctive features. It is because the dedicated genes of the domed head and shortened snout are intentionally passed from one generation to the other generation.

Captivating facial expressions

Pugs are popular for their distinctive facial expressions. The expressive face of pugs is due to wrinkles on the forehead and round eyes.

Pugs can show a range of emotions like confusion, sadness, excitement, and curiosity. It looks like pugs have a unique language and unique skull structure.

Health concerns of Pug skull dogs

Pugs are created using selective breeding and hence the pug parents need to take care of their general health issues. Some of the top health concerns are:

  • Caring for eyes

Take care of the pug’s eyes as they don’t have prominent skeletal brow ridges. These are susceptible to different eye injuries like entropion, scratched corneas, and others.

  • Breathing issues

Pugs are prone to breathing difficulties. It is due to their flat faces which makes their breathing passages compact. Some other dog breeds like Shih Tzus, Pekingese, Boxers, French Bulldogs, and English Bulldogs suffer from the same issue.

  • Protecting from high temperatures and excessive heat

Users are advised to protect their pugs from high temperatures and excessive heat. The reason is their flat faces make pugs unable to regulate their temperature through evaporation from their tongue. This technique is called panting.

Pug skull dog breeding changes

The leading organizations have started their initiatives to manage the breeding of the Pugs. Below are the key changes introduced by the leading agencies towards the breeding of these dogs:

  • The Dutch government started enforcing laws related to pug dog breeding in 2019 to ensure that these are bred with longer snouts only.
  • The Dutch Kennel Club (Raad Van Beheer) has stopped offering pedigrees to the dogs with short muzzles.
  • The Dutch Government has created a traffic light system measuring the head using the green, orange, and red classifications.
  • The Dutch government created laws in the year 2014 to protect the future welfare of 20 brachycephalic breeds by removing the traditional breeding methods.
  • The British Veterinary Association (BVA) released a public warning in 2016, recommending them to think before buying a brachycephalic breed. 

Who should get Pug Skull dogs?

Your search for a small but highly affectionate dog ends at Pugs. These are the perfect choices for the people in the urban dwellings having small apartments or houses. 

You can get home a great lap dog which is low maintenance than other popular dog breeds. Currently, they have no other breed close to them when it comes to small, caring, cute, and affectionate dogs.

People suffering from different allergies may face difficulty in domesticating fur animals like dogs. Pug skull dogs are perfect for such people as they have the minimum risk of triggering an allergic reaction. 

Differences between pug skull and normal dog skull

Normal dogs do not have a flat face while pugs have a flat face. Pugs are called the flat-faced breed as they look like the elongated snout of the German Shepherd flattened and pushed against a wall. 

Below are the key differences between the skull of a pug and a normal dog:

  • Injuries

The skull of the pug is more susceptible to injuries when compared to the skull of the normal dog.

  • Eyes and ears

The eyes and ears of the pug are farther apart when compared to the skull of the normal dog.

  • Size

The size of the Pug Skull is small and light when compared to the large and heavy of a normal skull.

  • Shape

The shape of the skull of the pug is rounder and more domed when compared to the wide and flat skull of a normal dog.

  • Nose

The nose of the skull of the pug is short when compared to the nose of a normal skull.

Parting words

Hence, it is easy to understand the distinctive features of the Pug Skull in detail. These are amazing domesticated pets with their distinctive features and notable characteristics.

So, next time while deciding the right pet for you, it is easy to go with the Pugs when it is about small, caring, low-maintenance, but lovable dogs.


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