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The Real-Life Inspiration of Thomas Washington- Is Thomas Disney Real? 

As it is already known the final season of the Hulu series Atlanta came to an end, and some fans have been left intrigued and also puzzled as to whether Ronaldo Washington whose role was played by actor Eric Berryman. Here, in this article, you will be surprised after knowing whether Thomas is real or not. As per the particular series, The Walt Disney Company is the one who hired Washington as its new CEO following the year 1992 Los Angeles riots. 

Is Thomas Washington Disney Real? 

Oh, this is such a difficult question to answer but, let me tell you that Thomas washington disney is a fictional character and not a real person. There have also been many questions regarding the authenticity of the original narrative behind Atlanta’s closing episode titled- The Goof Who Sat By the Door. 

Also, the whole Disney Company has never appointed a black CEO and they also have confirmed that the story is fictitious. However, the company’s first American animator, Norman was most likely an inspiration for the writers of the whole series. 

Norman is also the one who claims that he was shielded from racism as a child in Santa Barbara, California. The character also chose not to retire and is still employed as a creative at Disney at, the age, of 87. 

The Real-Life Inspiration of Thomas Washington

So, let me tell you the narrative of the final episode of Atlants centers on Thomas Washington’s goal just to create ‘the blackest movie of all time, one that would address all different kinds of issues relating to African-American culture. 

He is the one who chose a Goofy Movie as one of the projects, even using his son, Maxwell, as one of the inspirations for the character Max Goof. At the time when the movie’s production went on, Thomas began verbally abusing his wife along with his kid which unfortunately led to their divorce. 

From here, the entire Walt Disney Company started to doubt Washington’s ability to lead, especially as he began to display characteristics of Goofy. Then, he is the one who declined the company’s offer of $75 million to end his employment. 


Lastly, the story of Thomas Washington is Atlanta’s final episode along with the show’s 39th overall. It was also said the final episode that Donald Glover directed. Some of the executive producers wrote the script. Both, the title and narrative heavily referenced Sam Greenlee’s book.


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