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Anna Mani: Age, Husband, Education, Career, Net Worth & Death

Who was Anna Mani?

She was one of the most well-known female experimenters in the nation. Anna Mani is also an Indian Physicist. Her assistance to the meteorological bureau has made it comfortable for the nation to be accurate about the climate. From the year 1942 to 1945, She disseminated nearly five papers and finalized her PhD theory along with starting the alumni program at Imperial College in London. At this university, she earned a reasonable understanding of meteorological instrumentation. 

Birth date, Age, and Her’s Reason of Death:

She was born on 23rd August 1918, in a small village Peermade of Kerala.  Anna Mani’s reason for death was that she experienced a heart attack in 1994. A week before veering around 83, she passed away in Thiruvananthapuram on August 16, 2001. 

The Physical Appearance of Anna Mani:

Her height was 161 cm and weighed 50 kg. She had black coloured eyes. Her hair color was salt and pepper.


The Anna Mani family was a traditional instance of an upper-middle-class professional household. The men in the household were encouraged to pursue higher-paying employment before while the ladies of the household were acquainted to marry. 

Anna Family was of Syrian Christians. Her dad was an atheist and a civil engineer. Mani was an avid reader and the 7th child of her family’s 8 children.

Early Life:

The entire name of is Anna Modayil Mani and When she was thriving, she was a cautious student. She was extremely impressed and influenced by Gandhiji. She was impacted to such a status that she began wearing khadi clothing only. She belonged to a household where a girl was only born and carried up to be wedded whereas the boys are unrestricted to live up to their dreams and go along with their career. The earlier life of Mani was spent living involved in texts and examinations. She read all of the Malayalam texts functional at her public library by the age of eight and went over all the English readers functional there by the age of twelve. Her life was much enlightened and influenced by her education in civil rights and schooling.   

Anna Mani Education:

She adored material science and she presided over it. She took her B.Sc. honors material science degree from Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai.  She furthermore won a donation for her study at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore in 1940. Later, in 1945, she proceeded on to pursue her post-graduation examinations in Physics at Imperial College in London. 

Anna Indian Physicist was considered to be one the best physicists in the world. Anna education thrived her to become what she was.

Anna Mani’s Professional Career:

She was a meteorologist and physicist by occupation. She has completed her graduation from Pachaiyappas College established in Chennai. She fetched her Bachelor of Science in Physics and Chemistry Honors degree from this university. In her life, She has created numerous assistance in the area of meteorology and performed different analyses. She has furthermore published numerous articles on solar radiation along with ozone and breeze energy measures. 

Anna Mani was an Indian physicist and also a meteorologist. She was also the ‘Deputy Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department’. She served at Raman Research Institute as a visiting lecturer. She disseminated some documents on solar radiation, wind power measures, and ozone.

Who was the Husband Of Anna Mani?

A lot of people wish to learn about her married life but we want to notify you that according to some bases, she never wedded and according to another basis, she was married. It is always bizarre whether She was wedded or not as she never communicated her wedding elements anywhere until her demise. Also according to some bases, she was not fortunate with any kids. 

Anna Mani Net Worth:

Many are curious to understand the salary and net fortune of Rs 15 Crs. She has passed away and there is also no data heeding her earnings or net fortune. These confidential pieces of her are not cited on the Internet.  

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What did Anna Mani invent?

She developed a tool – ozonesonde – to estimate atmospheric ozone. She furthermore established a meteorological tower at the Thumba rocket launching installation.

  • What is Anna Mani extensively well-known for?

She was a visionary scientist recognised for her assistance to India’s climate projections and her study on renewable fuel. Indian scientist and entrepreneur would have been 104 on August 23 if she was alive. She was also a well-known Indian Physicist.

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