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Barbara Roufs: The Mystery Surrounding The Death Of The Racing Trophy Girl

The life of the popular people fascinates the common people for several reasons. The curiosity to know about the life of the popular people increases if there is some mystery surrounding the life or death of the persons. Have you heard about the death of Barbara Roufs, the popular racing trophy girl?

She was the popular racing trophy girl in drag racing. However, her sudden death shocked the entire world. So today, let us try to go through the mysteries surrounding the death of this popular racing trophy girl. We’ll help you understand her early life, education, personal life, career, death, and other mysteries.

Barbara Roufs- An amazing racing trophy girl

Do you know about drag racing which was popular in the 1960s and 1970s?

It was a tactical form of automobile racing in which usually two vehicles competed in a race to be first by crossing the finishing line. This game rose to its best times in these decades leading to many people making their livelihood around it.

It was in the 1970s that the trophy girls were an essential part of the drag racing competitions. Their reason for popularity was the transition of their dress from heavy garments to shorts in this era. With no bras and long hair, the racing trophy girls were the sensation of drag racing.

Barbara rose to popularity during this time with her amazing physique, broad straight hair, and long boots. Barbara Roufs measurements were liked by the fans of Drag racing. While she was the oldest at the peak of her career, Barbara made it to the top contender in the industry.

Barbara Roufs- Early life

Barbara was born in 1944 to Thelma Ruby Riley and Wayne Eldon Riley in South California, United States. She had a big family with three biological siblings and one adopted sibling. These are Bruce Riley, James Riles, and Vivian Deaton. Ben Gube is her adopted sibling.

Barbara’s mother owned a beauty salon in Clovis and was the organist for the Grace Baptist Church, Baptist Valley Bible, Calvary Bible (Bullard), and the Church of the Nazarene. Barbara’s father raced in the Kearney Bowl and rode motorbikes. He had a special love for fishing with a houseboat on McClure Lake for family vacations.

It is noteworthy here that Barbara’s parents were the first couple to make it to the Clovis Hall of Fame. She completed her earlier education in California only and developed her love for racing during this time. 

Barbara Roufs- Career

Do you know that Barbara Roufs wanted to be a race driver early? However, her passion for drag racing made her interested in the racing trophy girl profession. She started her career in the 1960s and 1970s. She was popular at the 6th Annual U.S. Professional Dragster Championship At Orange County International Raceway. Also, she was the 1973 PDA (Professional Dragster Association) queen.

Further, Barbara’s photos appeared in different advertisement magazines and t-shirts. Many brands associated with her for selling their products and services to the drag racing crowds. While her main work was to award trophies to the winners, her amazing looks made her popular in the drag racing industry.

Barbara Roufs- Personal life

Barbara was married and blessed with one child. The details of her husband are still unknown to the public while it was in 2016 and people got to know about Barbara’s daughter- Jet Dougherty.

A photographer named Tom West published Barbara’s early days photos on which her daughter Jet commented. She further confirmed her death in 1991.

Barbara Roufs Death 1991

The death of Barbara shocked the entire industry. She is believed to have died by suicide in January 1991. While there are no confirmed reasons for her death, she died at a young age of 47 years only. 

In her last days, Barbara was living with her family in Frenso, California, United States. Apart from these details, very little is known about the death and last days of this racing trophy girl.

Barbara Roufs- Mysteries around racing trophy girl

The life of the popular people is surrounded by several mysteries. One such mystery surrounds the husband and death of Barbara Roufs. 

Firstly, there are no confirmed details about the husband of this amazing racing trophy girl. The speculations are high that the person can be from the drag racing or specifically racing industry only. However, we know about her daughter Jet Dougherty.

Secondly, while the death of Barbara came as a shock to the world, there are no details about the reasons for her death. Hence, it can be due to personal, professional, or any other reasons. One thing that can be confirmed here is that she had a good net worth during her career outlining the possibility of any monetary issues.

Parting thoughts

Sometimes, it is all about destiny and situations leading to an end like Barbara Rouf had. She has earned high levels of popularity and a great fan base in her good times as a racing trophy girl. However, her death came as a shock to the entire racing world.

All we get to know about this article is that Barbara had a tragic end which was not expected at all!

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