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Competition Law Dissertation – How to Balance Writing with Other Commitments

Life can be crueller if you are pursuing legal studies. It does not matter what the life circumstances of students are. It demands constant attention and ample time to meet your teacher’s expectations. Therefore, completing a competition law dissertation on time is always challenging. It could be even more time juggling if you are working part-time.

How does one survive this while keeping her/his sanity intact? Well, this article will help students navigate the challenges. Consider the tips mentioned in this guide on managing other commitments while writing dissertations on competition law.

To start, here is a brief overview of competition law before we go into the specifics.

According to Harper James, competition law bans anti-competitive agreements to promote healthy competition. It is designed to restrict abuse of relevant market positions and market dominance. The breach of competition law rules can result in heavy penalties.

In recent times, competition law has taken the front stage. As per a report published on Lexis Nexis, the demand for competition law market expertise is forecasted to rise exponentially between now and Q1 2024.

The GLP index showcases the sharp spikes in demand, attracting the attention of many graduate and undergraduate students. To earn your place in the market, you must complete your academic tasks fully prepared and diligently.

Competition law dissertations await completion within deadlines. To help you with this cause, we have listed the strategies to balance writing with other obligations. If nothing seems to work for you, you can avail of the best dissertation writing service in the UK.

6 Effective Strategies to Balance Competition Law Dissertation Writing with Other Obligations

To compose an effective competition law dissertation, you must explore the influence of competition law internationally and in the European Union. Navigate the impact of this law on monopolies, intellectual property rights and competition rules.

Pulling yourself from the gravitational pull of a dissertation is a giant task. Tackling big writing projects can be intimidating and subconsciously induce fear among students. This article will explore some strategies listed below to help you stay focused and achieve a better work-life balance.

1. Set achievable Goals and Deadlines

One key element of balanced writing is setting realistic goals and deadlines to manage other tasks with competition law dissertations. Hence, setting realistic time goals that fit your schedule is vital. Avoid over-commitment, as it can lead to poor quality of work.

Devote writing time for each task to prioritise work. For example, if you are working side by side with your studies, you may set a time of 30 minutes of reading existing literature. This way, you can prioritise work easily without getting side-tracked.

2. Master Time Management

Low motivation, procrastination habits and multiple distractions can aggravate time management issues. According to the Time management statistics, the research reveals that 88% of people do not have dedicated time management strategies. This is the major issue that divides attention and results in failure.

Writing a dissertation on competition law necessitates extensive research for each chapter, whether it is finding methods or evaluating literature reviews. Each chapter should be treated separately and call for equal time and attention. Use tools like calendars and make a to-do list to manage time.

3. Break Dissertation into Doable Tasks

One of the most effective strategies when working on law dissertations is to break down the huge task into smaller sections. You can divide the whole project into manageable chunks. This way, you can prevent yourself from being overwhelmed.

Set a series of tasks to this can include:

  • Identifying competition law dissertation topics
  • Extensive research and accumulating data
  • Separate relevant material from junk
  • Outline dissertation draft

4. Balance Workload & Study Schedule

The biggest challenge any student can face during the last year of their degree is balancing working part-time and course projects. Prospects Luminates Earlier Career survey reported that 52% of respondents face “Money” as the biggest challenge.

This makes it a voice of concern. Find the right approach to develop symmetry in work hours and study hours. You can find flexible part-time work hours jobs, and detailed communication with the employer proves beneficial.

5. Utilise Day Hours to Gear up Work

During a competition law dissertation, the number one slot to check is formulating sold thesis statements and finding the right methodologies. Students should emphasise its importance, but this doesn’t mean they should have rows of restless nights choosing the right material method.

Start your day early to utilise the maximum hours of the day.  The early morning or break hours between classes can be valuable time. Science also backs up this point. A research article published by OXFORD Academic discussed neural evidence demonstrating that alpha power was highest in early morning classes. Here is the visual presentation:

6. Use technology and Tools

Technology has also been embedded in the competition law dissertation research, writing, and editing process. Various tools are available to uncover new horizons for writing a successful dissertation.

From finding relevant case studies to presenting facts and figures, there are tools to redefine your experience. These tools can help you save time and energy. Maintain focus and balance in writing using tools.

  • Use Google Scholar, JSTOR, and PubMed for literature review research.
  • You may record and organise your claims, findings, and research using Evernote, Notion, and the OneNote tool.
  • Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, and Google Forms can be used for custom surveys and data collection.

Wrapping Up

The quest to complete a competition law dissertation is more than an academic venture. The complexities of competition law require thoroughly explaining legal concepts, financial concepts, and practical implications.

Having a delicate balancing act between scholarly endeavours and real-life commitments is critical. Finding a happy medium between writing and other responsibilities is essential for personal satisfaction and academic achievement.

Effective time management and creating a schedule plan provide concentrated writing time while allowing for other important duties. Follow the competition law strategies stated above to stay on track.

If you are unable to handle the pressure, you can consider the online dissertation writing service UK to buy a competition law dissertation online.


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