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Cookie clicker unblocked games is now available to play at schools and other restricted areas 


Unblocked Games 911 is a well-known gaming hub online among gamers, especially school and college students. There are multiple games on one website, and usually, are free of cost. And not just pro gamers alone, but unblocked game websites consist of options for both mid and noob gamers as well. 

If you are into such websites, you must already know how famous the Cookie clicker Unblocked Games Premium is. But ever wondered what the hype is about? Well, find it out right here: 

About cookie clicker unblocked games 911

The game, called Cookie clicker unblocked games premium requires players to rapidly click the cookie using their mouse. One-click counts for one cookie. The original game was first brought to the public in 2013, thanks to its developer – Julien Orteil Thiennot, a French programmer Julien Orteil Thiennot.

How does Cookie Clicker Unblocked games premium still work in schools?

Usually, schools and offices take the help of firewall rules to ban gaming platforms within the premises. This is to ensure that every individual completes their duty rather than being engaged in video games. So you won’t possibly be able to play the original cookie-clicker game. However, Cookie clicker unblocked games premium can easily be accessed due to the programming base of it. 

Unblocked game websites are more commonly hosted by Google Sites, and the same is the case here. Pages that are hosted on Google sites are generally difficult to block. you can also play roblox gg now.

Why is cookie clicker unblocked games premium? 

  • No installation is required as games are available to play on that website itself. 
  • Options are available for multiplayer games, and other solo options. 
  • Free of cost. 
  • Can be played even in restricted areas like schools and offices. 
  • Can be swiftly played even when the internet connection is slow. 

Cheat codes for cookie clicker unblocked games premium 

Although cookie clicker unblocked games premium has easy gameplay, there exist multiple cheat codes for it. To open the cheat panel for a variety of devices, follow the following: 

Edge: Press F12 

Firefox: Press Control + Shift + K 

Firefox for Mac: Press Control + Option + K 

Google Chrome: Press Control + Shift + J 

Google Chrome for MacOS: Command + Option + J 

Internet Explorer: Press F12

Safari: Press Command + Option + C 

Note: Use the above-given shortcut keys to open the cheat panel. This panel will consist of multiple cheat codes, that you’ll have to copy and paste to use according to your game situation. 


Cookie clicker unblocked games premium is very easy to play, and one of the best kinds. There’s, moreover, nothing much to do but keep on clicking the mouse aiming at the cookie. The rules are simple and short. So, the next time you are bored at school, you know exactly which game to pick.


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