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Everything You Need to Know About Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is the daughter of a renowned Hollywood legend and is a celebrity child with a bright career. She is popular for her famous TV show hit, Last Man Standing. 

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen’s Parents

Laura Diebel and Tim Allen are the parents of Katherine Kady. Tim Allen is a very famous American actor and has been famous for his role in an ABC Sitcom. Further, some of the most popular other roles of Tim Allen have been seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Disney Magic Kingdoms, etc. 

Tim Allen was struggling with drug addiction and other family struggles, which made their overall family highly dynamic. This made both Tim and Laura devote very less attention and time to Katherine Kady. On the other side, Laura what is working as an interior sales manager who made a bold decision to manage all their family affairs by her own. 

Growing up, Catherine always witnessed pressure and tensions between her parents, which was disheartening for her as a child. In the end, to improve the whole situation, both Laura and Tim me the decision to part ways to give Kady a happy and peaceful life.

Katherine ’Kady’ Allen: Tim Allen’s Daughter 

Katherine Allen, famously regarded as Kady, is the daughter of Tim Allen and was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1989. Katherine Kady, as of today, is 33 and also has American citizenship. Further, the ethnic background of Katherine Allen is Caucasian, and belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign. 

Katherine Kady Allen generally weighs around 52 kg and is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Furthermore, Us Weekly Katherine has brown eyes and blonde hair. 

 Net Worth of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen 

The total net worth of Katherine is still unknown. However, the net worth of her father, Tim Allen, is $100 million, which makes him one of the highest-paid actors in the whole Hollywood industry.

Katherine Allen Boyfriend

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is presently seen with a boyfriend, Glenn Howerton. Earlier, Kady also dated Alex Farragut, to which she got married, and also had a child together. Alex Farragut is famous for his role in the ABC hit drama Body of Proof in the part of Dr. Quentin Costa. 

This was all about Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen’s past and present life. Not much is known about her as she has always been a private person and didn’t reveal much about her personal life

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