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Neeru Deshpande: The Face Behind Parle-G’s Timeless Smile

Hey there, I’m sure most of you have enjoyed Parle-G biscuits. Ever wondered about the girl’s photo on the packaging? Or not, let me tell you that the girl is Neeru Deshpande or Sudhu Murthy.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Parle G girl, Neeru Deshpande life, covering details such as her biography, age, height, current status, weight, date of birth, family background, parents, father, children, career, net worth, and more.

Who is Neeru Deshpande?

Neeru Deshpande is at present chairman of a leading IT Company called Infosys in India. She was born on 19 August, 1950 at Shiggaon which is a town in Haveri district of Karnataka. Baseless accusations that Neeru was Parle-G girl spread across the social media very widely. These claims, however brought to light that the girl on Parle-G packaging is an image and not Neeru.

The fact is that Neeru held poses for a Parle-G biscuit advertisement in the 60s, but those images are outcomes of graphic design. Social media speculation made Mayank Shah, Parle-G biscuits manager to come out and say that Neeru Deshpande is not the real parle G girl but a character figure created by Everest Creative as their representation.

Early Life & Family

Her parents were Dr. R H Kulkarni – a surgeon and Vimala Kulkarni Rumours have been going around about the industrialist N. R Narayana Murthy becoming Parle-G girl’s husband. She has one son and one daughter namely, Rohan Murthy and Akshata Murthy. Neeru had been born and got married into a Hindu family; she’d achieved a B.E of electrical electronics engineering. She stays in Bangalore, Karnataka-India at the moment.

Neeru Deshpande is outgoing and she also writes, something less known; this woman was honored by the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – missile man of India to give him an award on that day. She has also set a precedence as the first woman worker of TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company. Neeru, upon graduation from High school enrolled in a first-class Indian university and graduated with honours in computer science. In her role as a senior systems analyst, Neeru gained extensive experience in the field of development engineering.


Raised in India, Neeru Deshpande spent the majority of her early years there, showing exceptional prowess in mathematics and science during her time at the local school. Fuelled by a passion for learning, she aspired to further her education.

Upon finishing high school, Neeru launched into a journey to a prestigious Indian university, wherein she earned her bachelor’s degree in pc technological know-how with honors. Her academic brilliance continued, leading her to pursue a master’s degree in computer science at the same university. Neeru’s outstanding achievements secured her a scholarship for a Ph.D. program in computer science at a renowned Ivy League institution in the United States.

Is Neeru Deshpande Parle-G Girl?

As Mayank Shah of Parle Biscuits, the product manager states that infant girl shown on Parle-G biscuit cover is not a real baby.

He clarified that the Parle-G girl on the wrapper is merely an illustration—a man-made picture. 1960s, Maganlal Daiya developed this iconic image. Thus, Mayank Shah’s statement unveils the true identity of the Parle-G biscuit cover girl, dispelling any misconceptions surrounding real individuals being associated with the illustration.

Career and Achievements

Neeru Deshpande kicked off her professional journey as a software engineer at a prominent technology firm in the United States. Demonstrating remarkable skills, she swiftly climbed the corporate ladder, attaining a senior executive position. As such, Neeru played a key role in his position of ensuring that there would be innovative software solutions developed by the team he was leading standing at all times whereas making it important for him to consistently lead and direct an active group of passionate software engineers.

Her noteworthy contributions to the realm of computer science have gained broad recognition. Neeru has been awarded typically for her outstanding achievements within the discipline. Recognized as a highly sought-after speaker, she has delivered keynote addresses at various esteemed conferences worldwide. Neeru is also a prolific author having written numerous academic papers and articles spanning across various areas in computer science.

What is Parle-G Girl Age Now? 

As of the year 2023, Neeru Deshpande age or the Parle-G biscuit girl age stands at 73 years.

Neeru Deshpande Net Worth

Neeru has kept her net worth private, prompting many to inquire about her financial standing. After extensive research, estimations suggest her net worth falls within the range of 1 to 10 million dollars. While this is not a guaranteed figure, it’s a prediction made by some sources.

As the chairman of Infosys, Neeru likely earns a great income. Beyond her corporate role, she has a passion for writing and has authored several books, including the following titles: 

  • Magic of the Lost Temple
  • Here, There, Everywhere
  • Three thousand stitches
  • The Mother I Never Knew

Interesting Facts about Neeru Deshpande

  • Neeru Deshpande, aka Sudha Murthy, actively engages in group activities.
  • She is a proficient writer.
  • Sudha has considerable work experience in the development engineering field where she used to be a Senior Analyst.
  • She was honoured by the late scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam with an award latterly.
  • Sudha Murthy is basically a former employee of the TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company, for she was one among the first females to have joined this company.

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