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Is security@facebookmail legit or scam – Protect Your Mail

If you use Facebook then you may have received an email on your email or may receive in future from Facebook, the email address will be security@facebookmail legit. It will consist of a message that your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect. You may think that the email is fake because it will ask you to enable Facebook Protect as soon as possible and if you don’t do this then your account will be locked so that would create doubt on this email. But you don’t have to worry.

This type of email with the same email address is sent by Facebook’s parent company Meta to many users of Facebook. You may still have doubts on security@facebookmail legit, so in this article we will talk about how you can verify its legitimacy, is it safe or not and how you handle the situation if you are trapped in the scam. 

Is security@facebookmail legit Email Address?

If you receive any email that is having @facebookmail domain and saying that your Facebook account has been blocked then it is an official mail from Facebook so yes security@facebookmail legit if you receive email from this email address as it has same domain in it which Facebook uses to send mail to its users. You just have to follow the instructions to unblock your facebook account.

How Does Email security@facebookmail legit Look Like?

Facebook shares email from security@facebookmail legit address only to those people who are famous amongst people like who are running pages, and have a huge fan following to make them aware about the potential risk related to their account. In the email the team of sender says that whosoever is receiving this message has a huge fan following and they have higher chances of getting attacked by fraud or scammer so they have to enable Facebook Protect for their account to secure their accounts from scammers or hackers.

The Facebook protect is available for only limited users. Because of this message everything seems official but the doubt gets raised when the email asks to follow the instructions within a particular date, and if the instructions aren’t followed by them then their account will get locked, this urgency creates doubt on the email. It is possible that the email you receive is a scam but from the mentioned email address everything is official and genuine. So this mail is all about your account security. Just follow the guidelines and instructions which this email asks from you.

Respond to a Fake Facebook Protect security@facebookmail:

If you receive an email for enabling Facebook protection but not from security@facebookmail legit then it is definitely a scam, you have to be aware about risks of fake emails. So when you receive suspicious or fake emails then you don’t have to open any link if that email has a link in it or you don’t have to click on any other option shown in the email because clicking on those links can get your account hacked.

You may also let scammers steal your confidential data if you click on the link. So if you find the email suspicious or fake, you can directly delete the message and block the email sender so that in future you don’t receive any email from their side.

Steps to Respond to security@facebookmail Legit Facebook Protect Email:

Now in this block of the article we will talk about the type of respond which you can do if you receive mail from security@facebookmail legit so if receive email for enabling Facebook protect them you have to follow some steps which we have written below: 

  1. Firstly you have to open your Facebook account after entering your user Id and password.
  2. Now you have to click on your profile icon if you are using Facebook on your smartphone.
  3. Now you have to find settings & privacy options in the list and then you have to click on that step.
  4. After the above step you have to click on the security and  login option.
  5. Now you have to click on the button of “Get Started” nearby Facebook Protect.
  6. Now you can enable Facebook protection.
  7. After completing all above steps you will have to follow the instructions which will appear on your phone screen to activate Facebook Protect.

What will you do if You stuck for a Fake security@facebookmail Scam:

In case you have clicked on a fake link or been trapped in a scam of scammers who sent you mail claiming that the email is from Facebook’s side and later you realized that the email was a scam then you don’t have to worry there are some things which you can do after being trapped in the scam.

  1. Firstly when you realize that you are the victim of a scam and your Facebook account is at risk then the first thing which you have to do is to change the password or recover your fb account as soon as possible. 
  2. Secondly after recovering your account you have to review all the recent activities of your account like you have to check if the scammer has posted on your account, or sent messages to other people for money or anything. 
  3. Thirdly you have to message your friends that in case they receive message from your side demanding for money or any information then you were not that person to make them aware about the scam. You can post the message on your story or in your Facebook feed.
  4. You have to also check if any application or website is linked by the scammer with your account. If it has done you have to unlink that. So these are some basic and easy things which you can do if you have been trapped in a scam. 


We believe till now you are able to distinguish between fake email and original email address. Security@facebookmail legit and trustworthy but you should be careful when you receive email from unknown sources as scammers use fishy techniques when they send email. They use an email address which almost sounds like the original one. So the above tips and information will help you to be safe from scam or fraud.

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